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Sunday, July 31, 2016

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  Eastern Eyre Health Advisory Council Inc.  

Health Advisory Councils across Country South Australia have been formed as a result of the recent Health Care Act. They will provide advice to their local Health Services and to the Minister for Health.  Eastern Eyre Health Advisory Council Inc  covers the Local Government areas of Cleve, Franklin Harbour and Kimba.

A major role of the Eastern Eyre Health Advisory Council Inc is to relay ideas and views from the Community to the local Health Service.

These ideas are used in planning for new and improved services.

It also provides advice to the Minister for Health and the Chief Executive of Country Health South Australia on matters outside of the local area affecting residents of Eastern Eyre, and advocates on behalf of the community to promote the health interests of the commmunity.

Eastern Eyre Health Advisory Council Inc holds accounts for the hospitals/health services in Cleve, Cowell and Kimba for receipt of donations and bequests.

Eastern Eyre Health Advisory Council will include: 

  • Up to 8 community members
  • Nominee of local government
  • A local member of Parliament or his or her nominee
  • A medical practitioner member
  • A worker from Country Health SA
  • Up to 3 members appointed by the Minister for Health 

It is the intention of the Eastern Eyre Health Advisory Council Inc to change the constitution to stipulate an equal number of community members from the 3 Local Government areas. 

Eastern Eyre Health Advisory Council Inc. Members
Presiding Member Lorraine Joan Walford
Medical Practitioner Member

Aleksander Ochnik

Local Member of Parliament or Nominee Robert Starr
Local Government Nominee Sharon Crettenden
Staff Member Susan Mcquade
Resident Members

Lyndon Crosby
Colin Davey
Roger Nield
Dean Johnson
Di Woods
Lorraine Walford


Eastern Eyre Health & Aged Care was formed in July 2000 and came to being with the amalgamation of Cleve District Health & Aged Care, Kimba District Health & Aged Care & Cowell Community Health & Aged Care. The amalgamation process was undertaken to enable the communities in the District Council areas of Cleve, Franklin Harbour & Kimba to form a Multi Purpose Service and access the Commonwealth Rural Health Service funding for Primary Health Care.

Following the amalgamation there has been a huge increase in the primary health focus which is seen as a most valuable service to complement the existing acute & residential care services that have been available for many years.

Eastern Eyre Health and Aged Care is charged with providing a comprehensive range of health, aged and community services to the Cluster communities of Cleve, Franklin Harbour and Kimba. To ensure this range of services is meeting the needs of the three communities and is provided from a cost effective and equitable basis, significant organisational and financial development at Cluster level has taken place over recent years.

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Contact: Michele Smith

PO Box 20
Cleve SA 5640

Phone: 8628 2399
Email: Contact us by email...Click here

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